White Prawns / Chapda Chingri ( 60 to 75 Pieces Per Kg ) Small Size Price Per Kg On Gross Weight )

Prawn is a common name for small aquatic crustaceans / shellfish with an exoskeleton . Chingri ( prawns ) malai curry / prawns pollichatu / koliwada prawns / prawns pulao are among the most popular and tastiest dishes in the Indian subcontinent . Prawns are the rich sources of calcium , potassium , vitamin A / E / B 1 2 / B 6 , iron etc which helps in improves immune . Further helps ppin boosting the production of red blood cells. A diet high in protein helps with weight loss and weight management . Source : We source it from Asia's largest brackish water lagoon chilika lake in Odisha .
Per 250 gm

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